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lisa baker

Add Me:)

Hi. I'm not new but I like to make new friends about once a year. Please check my interests to see if we have even three things in common:) It really only takes one thing, loving learning other's culture.

I turned 39 last Friday. I live in the coastal mountains of central California, USA. I only speak English. But I add friends who write their journals in foreign languages so I can see their photography. So don't be shy if you don't speak English.

I do add teens over eighteen due to my swearing. If you're parents don't mind you being around swearing, I can add you. I just can't be censoring myself in my 'friends only' journal.

I live with my x-boyfriend who is my roommate and we have cats together or rather the cats have us. I will go on about my cats too much. You've been warned.

However, I'm often a tremendous inspiration to others due to the fact that I'm disabled and I still try to be useful and do housework and help out, though I experience a lot of pain. Some say that's just life. And, they might be right.

Please visit my profile. Add me first. I'll add you right back at amazing speed.

See you there.

Blue Violent<3
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